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Who’s #1?

Frank would burst onto the stage to address the band: “Who’s #1” to which they would respond “We Are”. They were #1 to him, and now you are #1 to us!

We are excited to announce our first ever partnership with Family House to bring live music back to their longstanding Polo Match, which engages nearly 2,000 people each year. Our collaboration will raise awareness for our cause and continue our mission of providing music access, education, and opportunities to underserved youth. Your donations will support the music for this event, our community initiatives and partnerships, and provide scholarships for music education.

We understand that this last year has been difficult for everyone but we believe music is more than just music. Music is healing. It raises one’s spirits and brings people together by creating a shared bonding experience. This is needed now more than ever but we can’t do it without your help! Let’s band together to make this all possible as we bring live music back!

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