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Who’s #1?

Frank would burst onto the stage to address the band: “Who’s #1” to which they would respond “We Are”! They were #1 to him, and now you are #1 to us.

This is your opportunity to GIVE BACK to kids in our communities by joining us as a sponsor!

The Farina Foundation believes music is more than just music. Music is powerful… It not only helps children develop greater social and emotional skills, stress relief and management tactics, and enhanced creativity, it also supports school attendance rates and academic advancement. Despite these benefits, 1 in 3 parents report that their children receive less than one year of music education and 1 in 6 report their children receive no music education. Most of these barriers are due to related costs for music education from instruments and music, to funds for lessons. The Farina Foundation mission is to remove these barriers for students who show musical potential and passion. However, this is not possible without the generous support of donors and sponsors.

As a sponsor your donations will primarily support the Play-it-Forward Program and our initiatives with the Music Therapy Departments of Children’s Hospital, The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh, Wesley Family Services Creative Arts Program, Pittsburgh School for the Blind and The Watson Institute. In addition, we provide hundreds of refurbished instruments, through our Play-if-Forward Program, to over 200 underserved schools in Southwestern PA with the help and collaboration of The Education Partnership!

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Your generous support allows us to continue to empower youth with the opportunity to pursue their musical dreams and passions.