About the Foundation

Why Music?

Founded as a 501(c)3 charitable organization in 2015, The Farina Foundation was established to continue the legacy of Frank J. Farina, Jr., former Chairman of the North Allegheny Music Department. Over Frank’s 38 year career, he believed EVERY child should have the opportunity to fulfill their musical aspirations.

Playing an instrument provides a “full-body brain workout,” engaging multiple networks that are responsible for decision making and focus. Studies have proven that that music has the power to improve a child’s memory, ability to learn, and problem solving skills. Through supporting music education, The Farina Foundation supports much more than music, but the development of skills that last a lifetime.

Many youth with musical potential lack the chance to experience the arts due to financial need, lack of resources, and personal challenges. The Farina Foundation empowers youth with the opportunity to nurture this talent to its full extent by providing scholarship, donations of refurbished instruments and financial support for instrument rentals and lessons to children in need.

Farina Foundation Family

Who We Are

We are the family of Frank J. Farina, Jr. We formed a 501(c)(3) Unincorporated Association in his legacy.

President: Barbara Farina
Vice-President: Maria Farina DeMore
Treasurer: Laura Farina Stephen
Secretary: Michael Stephen
Chairman of the Board: Frank J. Farina, 3rd
Managing Director: Nina Zappa

Farina Foundation Event


To empower the youth in our communities to pursue their dreams and passions through opportunities which nurture a knowledge of music and providing instruments to those in need.
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For every child, the opportunity and ability to pursue their dreams and passions through music.

Make a difference in the lives of students!

There are endless ways in which you can contribute whether it is in-kind donations at one of our annual events, donations of items for our silent and live auction, or simply volunteering your services. With your help, we can achieve great things and fulfill the dreams of our students.

Support Us

Your generous support allows us to continue to empower youth with the opportunity to pursue their musical dreams and passions.