Back in December 2017, the Farina Foundation was proud to provide funding to five local music organizations. Here’s how these funds keep giving back to music in your community!


Brighton Music Center has used their grant to provide students with instruments and lessons. Emily Fletcher, 6th grader Woodland Hills, received a donated saxophone and Allicia Broyard, sophomore at Gateway School District, a donated flute. Both instruments were refurbished courtesy of Brighton Music Center.


Emily Fletcher and Allicia Broyard were on hand Saturday, March 3, 2018, at Brighton Music Center, to receive instruments donated by the Farina Foundation. The instruments were collected as part of the effort to give deserving students the tools they need to move forward in their musical endeavors. Brighton Music refurbished the instruments and chose the recipients. Director Lora Hertrick of Woodland Hills and James M. Hoeltje of Gateway High School nominated their students for their awards. They wrote heart felt letters giving the reasons they believed these students deserved the donations of the instruments. Emily was awarded the saxophone. She is a sixth grader who also plays the clarinet and piano. Ms. Hertrick proclaimed Emily as a leader in the band and in the classroom. Emily is enthusiastic about learning and guarantees that she will make great use of her new instrument. Allicia is a senior at Gateway High School and a member of the Gateway Wind Ensemble. She has been using two flutes to practice and perform. Neither instrument was in good working order. Her determination and talent are the reasons Mr. Hoeltje nominated Allicia to receive her refurbished flute. The Farina Foundation is thrilled that these two deserving students were chosen to receive these instruments and wish them all the best in their musical triumphs. These gifts would not be possible without the wonderful donations of former students of music. The Farina Foundation accepts all used instruments from donors to be refurbished and presented to those most deserving.

Photos from the award reception.