Quinn Volpe awarded the 2022 Frank J. Farina Jr. Award for Musical Excellence

Announcing the winner of the 2022 Frank J. Farina Jr. Award for Musical Excellence- Quinn Volpe. Hear from Quinn as she tells us how music has had a positive and lasting impact on her life.

“Music has changed my life in almost every tangible way. It has allowed me to connect with my friends, family, and self. Some of my greatest friends have been made in the NA (North Allegheny) Choir Program from elementary school up until now- my senior in the Chamber Choir, through which I serve as secretary of the choir program. In addition to this choir class I have taken songwriting, music theory 1, and AP music theory, as well as being granted the opportunity to sing in both women’s and mixed choir, due to my position as alto section leader in my freshman year. All of these classes have furthered my passion for music tremendously. My dad and I have gone to over 50 concerts together throughout my life and he has been my number one supporter in my goals of pursuing music as a career. With every amp, guitar, and ukulele that I have added to my collection, he has been by my side cheering me on. It is a beautiful thing that I am able to express my most pressing thoughts through beautiful lyrics and chords and this has served as a comfort for me in times of need. My other passions for writing and social justice have been easily incorporated into my overall goes with music as well, helping me stay well-rounded. Composing songs is a way for me to improve my ability to understand and appreciate language and literature, and has greatly contributed to the skills I have used in journalism and AP English classes for the past two years. My love of pursuing social justice encapsulates much of how I plan to pursue music. I want to own a recording studio, and work as a recording artist, while writing songs with other musicians. But an important goal of mine is to provide accessible services to young musicians who are underprivileged and underrepresented in the music industry. I feel so lucky that I have had access to such amazing resources and programs at North Allegheny and this has pushed me to pursue the goal of helping others in the field I love most.”